The QA Quagmire

EQ What?

QA audits these days include a few token EQ standards amongst the hundreds of standards for facilities. Apart from the obvious issue of the lost focus on service, it also begs the question: What do we mean by “EQ”?

“EQ” stands for “Emotional Quotient,” a misnomer based on “IQ,” where “quotient” refers to a mathematical formula for working out a person’s IQ: No such mathematical formula exists for gauging emotions. 

If we are to stick with the term “EQ,” then “Emotional Quality” would be more meaningful, and we could further define it as “emotional engagement.” But in view of the fact that no real understanding or consensus exists on what emotions are in the first place (beyond “feelings and attitudes”), then we cannot expect much improvement in that most important of subjects to GMs and guests alike: Emotional engagement.

Current, more-advanced concepts of EQ include: The demonstration of genuine, individual care & recognition; the delivery of “wow” moments and stepping above and beyond the expected to create unique moments that make a lasting impression; smiling; proper verbiage; anticipatory service—all of which reflect the style of service, while only obliquely hinting at emotions. 

As a result, the power of emotional engagement is not being harnessed in hospitality, even though its use is greatly desired. 

It seems to me that one should be able to engage with guests at the right emotional level for them, and by doing so, connect with the guests and make them happier—a basic goal of hospitality. 

That’s the way it looks to me. What’s your take

Care to share your own examples of difficulties (or disasters or successes!) in engaging emotionally with guests?

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